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FAQ: Does Homeowners Insurance in Colorado Cover Fire?

Ask an Agent

When and how is fire covered under homeowners insurance in Colorado? Are there scenarios in which it is not covered? Get answers to your FAQs about fire coverage under a home insurance policy in Colorado.

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What Kind of Damage Can a Blizzard Cause in Colorado?


While Colorado is known for its winter sports, it's also known for its intense snow seasons. But aside from being visually pleasing and good for skiing, snow is also known to cause some serious damage. Check out this guide to blizzard damage, and how working with a Colorado independent insurance agent can help you prepare.

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How to insure a dispensary - CO

How to Insure a Dispensary in Colorado

Lines of Insurance

When you own a dispensary, you need to be concerned about not only providing customer satisfaction, but also protecting your business. Fortunately, a Colorado independent insurance agent can get your dispensary equipped with adequate coverage against theft, storms, etc. But first, here’s a breakdown of dispensary insurance.

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